Vaccination clinic at UW Health Sciences Campus, Kitchener


The University of Waterloo has partnered with the Region of Waterloo and Centre for Family Medicine to help the Kitchener-Waterloo community open a COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic at the Health Sciences Campus at the corner of King Street and Victoria Street in downtown Kitchener. 

The Health Sciences Campus Vaccination Clinic is an exciting initiative and we are proud to be able to support the vaccination effort in such a tangible way,” Andrea Edginton Hallman, Director of the School of Pharmacy, said. 

The clinic, led by the Centre for Family Medicine, will run from Mar. 15 until the end of August and will be open seven days a week, once adequate supplies are procured.

Like all other vaccination clinics, this one too operates on an appointment-only basis and eligible residents can pre-register on the Region of Waterloo website. 

“This is a tremendous opportunity for the Region of Waterloo to partner with the University of Waterloo and the Centre for Family Medicine to bring another vaccination clinic to Waterloo Region,” Shirley Hilton, Deputy Chief for Waterloo Region Police Service and head of the Waterloo Region Vaccine Distribution Task Force, said. “This large clinic will make it easier to get more vaccines into more people’s arms as quickly as possible.”

Vaccinations can be administered by pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy students under Phase Two of Ontario’s vaccine rollout plan. 

“Our faculty, staff, graduate students, and PharmD students did not hesitate in coming forward to volunteer or work in the clinic and this opportunity gives our students a real-world glimpse at the power of inter-professional collaboration and the important role that pharmacists play on the health care team,” Edginton said. “The KW Community has been generous to the School of Pharmacy and the University of Waterloo and we are pleased that we can give back and be a resource. KW is also my hometown and it feels amazing to be able to participate in the solution.”

As of now, there is no information as to whether there will be a vaccination clinic opening at the Waterloo campus.