Jesse Gibbon has become the latest Warrior to be called to Pittsburgh Steelers, a mini-             camp organized by an NFL team. Earlier this week, he was announced as the second overall pick in the CFL draft. Getting drafted in the CFL is no mean feat and therefore Gibbon’s selection as a second overall pick is a testament to not only his prodigious talent, but it also speaks volumes about the UW’s football program.

Chris Bertoia, head coach and manager of UW football operations, praised his protégé and said, “we’re starting to think black and gold is the only colour scheme that works for Jesse.”

He further reminisced about Gibbon’s decision to select the Warriors as his team and also shed some light on his future.

“Fortunately for us, Jesse made a choice four years ago to be in our black and gold, earn a degree, and achieve his goals on and off the field,” Bertoia said. “[He] has earned every bit of this. He now needs to seize this opportunity and make the most of it, and all of us know he will do just that.”

Gibbon will sign with the Steelers as a free agent, and later join their full training camp, if his performances impress the coaching staff at the NFL team in the mini-camp.

When asked about the invitation to the mini-camp, Gibbon said, “I’m incredibly excited for the opportunity to dip into pro football at the NFL level. It is mind blowing and the exposure and experience I gain will be valuable in helping me transition from university level football to the pro level.”

Hopefully, Warriors will continue to produce talent that stands out in all the sports.


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