Warriors start golf season with 4th place

A Warrior swinging with all her might, helping the women’s team take 4th place.

Whilst other sports are still busy  preparing for the upcoming season,  the Warriors Golf team is in full swing.

The team recently participated at the 2019 Canadian University/College Championship.

The 2019 Canadian Unviersity/College Championship took place last week at the Firerock Golf and Country Club and the Warriors were up to the task as the women’s team finished at the 4th position.

The men’s team settled for the 6th position.

The top six in the Women’s division was comprised of UBC, Laval, Victoria, Waterloo, Montreal and Western respectively.

Given the fact that Waterloo does not have an year round schedule for golf, the women had their work cut out for them and it is quite impressive that they managed to achieve the 4th position.

Elanna Lachaine-DeMarchi was the best player amongst the Warriors as she finished with a score of 14-over.

Following her were, Laura Wesselius, Claire Konning and Arrington Bard with scores of +42, +46 and +51 respectively.

UBC was again dominant on the men’s side as they took the first place.

Western did considerably better than their female counter-parts as they took the second place and the team from Victoria finished in the identical spot as their women’s team.

Warriors completed the top six and Tyson Turchanski was the best player on the team as he had a score of 3-under. He was followed by Devin Bartlett, Tyler Cormier and Sam Kreze with scores of +3, +9 and +10 respectively.

Although neither of the Warriors teams finished on the podium, there is still plenty to look forward to for the next season.

The new golf season is just beginning and there will be many more opportunities for the Warriors to win silverware for their teams.


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