Waterloo alumnus nominated for two Juno awards

Tim Hicks, Canadian country singer and UW alumnus, was recently nominated for two Juno awards. The nominations for Breakthrough Artist Of The Year and Country Album Of The Year come after the release of his 2013 album <em>Throw Down</em>, which debuted at number one on the Canadian charts. Hicks first appeared on the music scene in 2012 with his single &ldquo;Get By,&rdquo; which went gold in eight weeks.

&ldquo;As a Canadian artist, I&rsquo;ve grown up watching the Junos on TV and to think that I get to go and be a part of this year is pretty wild,&rdquo; said Hicks.

Hicks finished his time at UW in 2002 with a BA in psychology.

&ldquo;Between writing sessions, recording, press, shows, meet and greets, social media obligations, and being a husband and father, my plate is usually full and it would be easy to freak out,&rdquo; said Hicks. He added that his undergrad helped prepare him for the balancing act that is a music career in this day and age.

Hicks got his start in music by playing in bars at age 15 and says he never looked back.

&ldquo;I played four to five nights a week the entire time I was at [UW], so needless to say I was tired during a lot of lectures,&rdquo; Hicks said.

While a student, Hicks could be found hosting open mic nights at the now defunct Weavers&rsquo; Arms, a pub formerly located in Waterloo Co-operative Residence, where he lived.

&ldquo;I feel like Canadian country music fans just sort of plucked me from obscurity,&rdquo; Hicks said of his success. &ldquo;I owe everything that has happened this year to them because if they hadn&rsquo;t requested my songs [on the] radio or on [Country Music Television] &hellip; I wouldn&rsquo;t be here. I&rsquo;ll never forget that.&rdquo;

Growing up, Hicks hadn&rsquo;t planned on being a recording artist. He originally came to Waterloo to start a career in music therapy. He said instead, he caught the music bug and his plans changed quickly.

Hicks advised students to never give up on their dreams. &ldquo;My step-father always says that if you work hard, you get really lucky. So dream big and work hard and you never know what will come your way.&rdquo;

Candidly, Hicks cited his favourite memory of UW as finishing exams, adding that 10 years later, he still gets nervous during exam season.


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