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On Monday, Februrary. 08, 2021, the Waterloo City Council approved two new projects which aims to provide more housing options. The council voted to amend a bylaw, Zoning By-law 2018-050 by rezoning the land from Zone Change to Resiential Mixed-Use-81 (RMU-81). According to the provincial policy statement in the staff report the proposed zone change will result in “efficient use of land and existing infrastructure”. 

According to the City of Waterloo Official Plan, the Mixed-Use High Density Residential will allow for more housing options located at what is municipally known as 316 King Street North, with a maximum density of 750 bedrooms per hectare and maximum buildin height of 81 metres. The revised submission of the proposed development will feature 14 storey residential apartment building in addition to the already storey building. It will also offer 106 parking spaces (93 being residential and 31 visitor). More information of the design and plan can be viewed on the City of Waterloo Website. 

Furthermore, with the newly approved Zoning By-law admendment, allows for the construction of 1159 residential unit at 145 Columbia Street West. This new plan features 940 bedrooms per hectare and is 15 storeys. The building will consist of two towers connected by a 6 stoery podium above at-grade parking, as well as underground parking that is accessed from 330 Phillip Street.  

“Neither development is proposing affordable housing units. The project at 145 Columbia St W is providing a financial contribution towards the City’s affordable housing grant program, in accordance with density bonus authorized under Section 37 of the Planning Act,” said Joel Cotter, Director of Planning and City Planner. 


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