Waterloo region vaccinates over 13,000 people against COVID-19


As of Friday, Feb. 26, 2021, a total of 29,847 doses have been administered, and over 13000 people are fully vaccinated. This accounts for 2.23 percent of the population.

According to the Ontario Government’s Three-Phase approach, the plan will use five types of clinics thus providing flexibility in delivering the vaccine, based on the community’s needs. These five types of clinics include hospital clinics, mobile, and on-site clinics, and public health clinics. 

“Due to storage requirements, COVID-19 vaccines have been administered at a Grand River Hospital vaccination clinic for high-risk hospital and other health care staff… As vaccine supplies increase and more people are able to get vaccinated, the Region of Waterloo will offer a variety of clinics depending on which sector of the population is being immunized,” Julie Kalbfleisch, communication lead of the WR Vaccine Distribution Task Force, said.

Additionally, information was provided on who has been vaccinated so far, as well as  who is next on the priority list.

During the first phase, Waterloo Region has prioritized vaccinating the residents of long-term care and retirement homes, health care workers and essential caregivers. Planning and outreach to leaders in First Nation communities and urban Indigenous populations are also underway, as part of the first phase of the rollout. Vaccines will be available to the general public in Phase 3 of the Government of Ontario’s three-phase vaccination program. This could start as early as August, 2021, depending on supply,” Kalbfleisch said.

According to the Region of Waterloo website, there are 10,361 positive cases, with an increase of 56 new cases, 4 new active cases, 222 deaths, 18 currently hospitalized, and no active outbreaks. The WR Vaccine Distribution Taskforce is also starting their volunteer recruitment in clinics. More information can be found on the website.


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