Waterloo to Toronto in 20

Graphic by Casey Mao

Last week marked the opening week for FlyGTA’s anticipated new service and it was all booked up; 20 minute flights to Toronto from Waterloo and vice versa.

Whether there is a convention in town, work demands, or just a day trip, Waterloo residents are no stranger to visiting the capital of Ontario often.

The issue coming out of the plan is the awkward, if somewhat inconvenient positioning of Billy Bishop airport, where the route concludes in Toronto.

FlyGTA is a small airline that provides aerial tours, getaways, and most recently inter-city flights around southern Ontario. This includes a new $130 flight between Toronto and Waterloo, allowing customers in the region to bypass all the traffic and hassles of travelling to Toronto by providing convenient flights twice a weekday.

So far they have been primarily successful with the business person taking their flights, sometimes daily, CEO Chris Nowrouzi told Imprint.

Their goal is expanding to the traveller market, which would require making a lower price tag possible.

The inspiration for the service came from his personal experiences that were a “disaster” while trying to get around, which most commuters can probably relate to.

Nowrouzi states that in the next couple of years, travellers can expect to see a flight option between most cities that are a part of the Southern Ontario Airport Network, in the meantime a day trip to Toronto now comes with a stunning view and less headache.


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