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<strong>UW researchers win prestigious Polanyi Prize</strong>

Drew Bennett of the department of chemistry and Eduardo Martin-Martinez of the department of mathematics and quantum computing recently received Polanyi Prizes.

Bennet received this award in recognition of his advances in nanoscale biotechnology, which has the potential to help drugs target specific disease cells. This research will help improve treatments for multiple diseases, such as cancer, HIV, Parkinson&rsquo;s, and bacterial infections.

Martin-Martinez&rsquo;s research is in quantum theory and general relativity. His focus is on what is beyond quantum, which can help scientists better understand spacetime structure. This research also has the potential to help explain quantum theory&rsquo;s impact information processing.

The Polyani Prizes are given in honour of 1986&rsquo;s Nobel Prize winner John Charles Polanyi. Each year, the government of Ontario awards $20,000 to a post-doctoral researcher in each of the areas of research recognized by the Nobel Prize.


<strong>Waterloo takes steps to help improve health in northern Ontario communities</strong>

UW recently signed a collaborative agreement with the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM). This agreement signifies a commitment by the two schools toward expanding educational opportunities for the Doctor of Pharmacy program &mdash; allowing and encouraging them to train in northern Ontario.

Additionally, the agreement introduces new inter-professional learning experiences and continuing professional development opportunities in northern Ontario. It also promises to explore furthering collaborative research opportunities and consider research initiatives related to improving the health of northern populations.


<strong>Waterloo is still Canada&rsquo;s most innovative university</strong>

<em>Maclean&rsquo;s</em> university rankings for 2015 keep UW on the top of the list of Canada&rsquo;s most innovative schools for the 23rd year in a row.

UW also ranked first in the Leaders of Tomorrow category, a new achievement, as well as ranking top in the repetitional survey, which is filled out by education and business leaders.

UW has dominated this category for almost two decades. The University of British Columbia and the University of Toronto ranked second and third respectively.

Waterloo was also recognized for student awards (tying for first with McGill and the University of Victoria) and faculty awards (tying for first with Toronto and St. Mary&rsquo;s).


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