What are your thoughts on WUSA’s welcome week?

Saduni Sumith, 1B
Honours Mathamatics

“Food and opportunities to meet more people are big ones for me. For meeting people, I think events should be made in a way that students get to meet more like minded people. That way they can have a better chance of making better friendships. I don’t think that many people I met in welcome week are still my friends or will be that close in the future.”

Tasmeen Purba, 1B
Health Studies

“Definitly think better events would have helped. I wasn’t really motivated to attend a lot of the events, I don’t know, probably because they were not as appealing to me. Maybe they could ask students what kindoff events they want for their welcome week, I think that would make a big diffrence. Other than that I had a good experience.”

Taronish Kotwall, 1B Health Studies

“I think WUSA should plan more parties for their welcome week. I think if they did that it would make welcome week much more exciting. I feel like that is the main thing that was lacking in my experience at welcome week because if that had been there, I think I would have had the opporutunity to meet so many more people.”

Simran Dhillon, 1B
Management Engineering

“I feel like more food or better food for welcome week would have been a good addition. I found that I didn’t like the food as much and just having more variety and more options would have been nice. It would just have helped me enjoy the week a bit more.”


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