What does your eyeliner say about you?

Hey beautiful,</p>

This week’s article of Cat’s Beauty Buzz features eyeliner. Did you know different eyeliner shapes say something about its wearer?

Invisible (tight-line): Tight-lining is when you put eyeliner on the inner  eyelid, beneath the eyelashes, instead of on top of them. Those who tight-line are cautious and timid. They are cautious and have a lot to hide, but they also have a lot to offer if you just get to know them first.


Natural: Natural eyeliner that follows the eye’s natural curve lightly highlights your eye shape without changing it. Those who don this shape are leaders. They are organized and well prepared to negotiate to get what they want in life.


Winged: The classic winged eyeliner is the most popular eyeliner for fashion. It definitely demands attention to its wearer. Those who sport a winged liner are always looking for the next great thing, in life and in fashion. They have an air of confidence about them and know exactly what they need to do to succeed in life.


Coloured: Coloured eyeliner is often used as an accent colour. It can bring out the colour of your eyes or the whites of your eyes. Those who play with colour like to be daring and spontaneous, but they also know when to tone it down, like an on-off switch. They are happy and playful and love to try new things.


Quirky: If elaborate eyeliner shapes is your thing, you are definitely in control of your life. You love a good challenge and welcome change as it happens. Those who sport more elaborate shapes or create their own shape are creative and free-spirited.



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