What is love? Concern.


You can be anyone you want. Or at least that’s what they tell us from an early age. However, we go through life with various levels of direction and often, we can feel like we’re losing control of who we’re becoming. This is about one thing you can start doing to transform yourself into a little bit better of a person everyday, starting today.

Concern: Your attention is arguably the most important gift you’ve been given. It essentially dictates the path of your experience. As they say, life is 10 per cent what happens to you and 90 per cent how you’re looking at it. That said, concern is a very precious quality to hold within your attention. It’s a lot like love, some would say concern is the essence of love. All day long, perhaps thoughts cloud your mind and you’re taken away from the presenååçt moment. While that’s happening to you, you’ll be oscillating along various spectrums, among the most central, your current level of self absorption.

Your mind might be chattering on and on and perhaps you’re mindlessly following it wherever it goes, just reacting to stimuli or even reacting to reactions. I know I’ve had periods of time, especially if there’s a lot going on in my life or the life of my family, where I’m spending 99 per cent of my time thinking about my issues or their’s. Sound familiar?

It’s interesting that by expanding our circle of concern, we actually feel elated in some ways. In moments, just by shifting our attention to the needs and wishes of strangers, of our country, of the world, we can feel relief and even a sense of increased peace and love in our hearts. And since love creates joy, what better way to spend our time?

Various life events, (education, career, personal problems) can push us to withdraw our attention from the well being of others, but I’d like to suggest that it is wise to make efforts against this force and aim to spend at least part of our time undertaking heartfelt concern for the needy.

Expand your personality with love. Live up to your highest potential and follow the universal religion that even most atheists would agree with. Love as selflessly as is possible. Expand your world and daily experience with the ornament of compassion. The average person is self-obsessed, I think you’re better than average. I think you’re a saint and you can prove that to yourself day by day, just by leveling up your heart muscle with a daily dose of concern.


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