Wish I was a better read



1. Crazy or unbelievable

5. Grade 12 and 13, in Quebec

8. Explode

9. Oldest Belcher child (Bob’s Burgers)

10. A separator of clauses, ideas, or words

11. Marvel’s Aquaman

12. Peak performance, for a hawk

14. To attribute fault

15. A. B. Paterson

19. A peak or summit

20. The first Avatar: The Last Airbender

22. A playfully mischievous sprite

23. Beach Boys 12th album, scandalously never completed

24. Hemsworth or Neeson


1. Target of a puck or soccer ball

2. Toilet for those who pee while standing

3. Yellowfin, ahi, and albacore

4. Canned meat

6. Electronic athlete

7. Maintaining a push-up position

10. “___” me a river

13. In which a muscle is severely weakened

14. “Punch-buggy no punch-_____”

15. Being elsewhere at the time

16. Motion of a wave

17. To affix or fasten through pounding

18. 2019 movie with Adam Levine

21. CBC’s free streaming service


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