Women’s basketball blown away by Queen’s Gaels

Waterloo Warriors - Women's Basketball. courtesy John Halpenny

Despite the loss on Nov. 17 against the Queen’s Golden Gaels, the Warriors women’s basketball team put on quite a show the next day against the York Lions.

In the beginning of the third period, the Warriors were way behind the Lions.

As soon as the Warriors brought the ball up the court they made accurate and quick passes around.

The Lion’s played hard defense in hopes of draining the Warriors out of time.

Aphia Ward, second year guard, swiftly scored a two point buzzer beater.

The Warriors quickly moved back to defense. Putting up an amazing fight to get the ball back, Ward brought the ball up the court, and scored yet another buzzer beater.

At this point, the Warriors were one point behind the Lions with a score of 33-34 points.

Ella Mahler, third year point guard, and Ward ran back to defense and successfully stole the ball from the Lions.

Sydney Wilson, second year guard, then brought the ball up for a quick lay up but hit the ring and missed. Ward then rejected the incoming lay up but got a foul call.

York got both penalty shots in.

Afifa Salad, second year guard, brought the ball up and assisted Ann Stewart fourth year forward. York made a foul and Stewart got the first penalty shot. However she missed the second one.

With their best effort, the Warriors attempted to get the second ball, but continuously missed the shots from under the hoop.

The Lions got the ball, however Julia Pavlik, fifth year guard, came in with a good block. Salad then dribbled the ball and made unbelievable crossovers and shoots.

Megan Goar, second year forward, made the rebound.

With one minute left York goes for a lay up but three Warriors stood together to block the ball.

Despite their strong fight, the Waterloo Warriors lost with a score of 40-62 against the York Lions.


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