WUSA election to feature no physical voting booths


This year’s WUSA general election will not feature any physical voting booths, a violation of WUSA’s Elections and Referenda procedure 11.4, which stipulates that “There shall be at least one physical Polling Station during any Electoral Event, and at least one physical Polling Station shall be situated in an easily accessible location within the Student Life Centre.”

WUSA spokesperson Hannah Wardell said in a written statement that students looking to submit a physical ballot or who are having trouble voting online can contact the chief returning officer, who will assist them.

“As long as students have the option to cast their vote physically if necessary, it is the opinion of the Chief Returning Officer that we are in compliance with the referenced policies (11.3, 11.4 of the Election and Referenda Procedures),” she said.

The chief returning officer can be contacted at cro@wusa.ca

Voting is currently taking place and will close on Feb. 14 at 11:59 p.m. Students can vote at vote.wusa.ca.