WUSA elections 2020: Sneak peek executive candidates


Not sure who to vote for – or even who’s running- in the next WUSA elections? Here’s a brief rundown of students running for office, and what we know about the platforms.

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Voting ends Feb. 6

VP Student Life

Manas Suri
Team Beeba Bois

I am Manas Suri, an international first year student  from the Faculty of  Arts. I am majoring in Economics. I am a volunteer member of the WUSA Clubs Support Team and I am standing for the post of VP Student Life. It is of common view that first year students lack experience. Regarding why I am standing for such a big position, let me shed some light – I do all those things for which I find scope and can gain experience from. There is nothing bigger in life than gaining experience.  I am not alone in this race of elections. I have a team: a team which is not just a team but a family, “the Beeba Bois.”  I know people will find it difficult to understand the name of our team. Beeba Bois literally translates to  gentlemen, and by gentlemen I don’t mean the one with suits, boots, and ties. Instead, by gentlemen I mean people who have all that qualities to win over their spectator’s heart. The Student Life VP is a fantastic way to make new friends, build professional networks and gain practical skills and experience. I want to be  helpful to all and I want us to build memories we will  treasure forever. I will always be here to listen to everyone’s concerns and will stick with it until we figure it out. I will strive to make improvements in the university for every student here at Waterloo.

Zihui Qin
Team Litty UW

Zihui Qin is a statistics student and did not submit a platform to WUSA.

She is the sole member of Team Litty to survive the nomination process and didn’t show up to the debate on February 3.

Nada Abouelnaga
Team Vision

Greetings UW students! 

It’s Nada here. I am in my third year of Biomedical Sciences and I am running to be your VP Student Life. Since the beginning of my second year, I have been heavily involved with clubs, services and orientation. My extensive experience is why I have a clear vision of how I can improve existing systems to support students on our campuses. I am passionate about meeting new people, making connections, and exploring new interests. That is why my area of focus is evaluating current clubs support and creating a new system to keep information in one place. My plan will make it easier for student groups and clubs to host events. Students should always feel that WUSA is on their side. WUSA offers many services to clubs to improve their offerings and engage students. My goal is to make these services easier to access and provide opportunities for developing and delivering engaging events. 

My experience as the former president of the UW Chess Club and as Clubs Assistant has enabled me to engage with and understand the needs of students and clubs across campus. However, I’m not just focused on clubs. My primary focus is to ensure students like YOU can benefit from WUSA regardless of your background or faculty. 

Visit our website to learn more: bit.ly/TeamVisionUW

Ian Tan
Team Ian Tan for Student Life

Right now, it takes weeks to book a room for a club meeting. It’s easier to find housing in K-W than it is to secure locker space for clubs. And especially since clubs support staff work nine to four, when most students—club execs included—are in classes, the inconvenience and difficulty in terms of filing paperwork for WUSA is amplified. 

For clubs, there needs to be an exec who is available to club heads at the grassroots level. Club heads, who run these amazing services and support for students, shouldn’t be turned away at the reception desk because they showed up at 4:25 to hand in paperwork, nor should they have to fill in forms for dollar spent.

I want to be an exec who is available to help and answer to any club head that needs it. For the Student Life portfolio, more attention from the Vice President is necessary to truly make sure clubs aren’t hindered by inconsequential administration.

There are several issues that have been overlooked by WUSA simply because it’s considered ‘niche’ or that it ‘doesn’t represent the will of the students.’ There are few lockers at CIF and PAC, and as a result, theft is rampant. Despite the prevalence of affordable Feds bus routes to the GTA, there is not one that goes to the airport, which is why few participate in elections, and two executive positions are uncontested. Students don’t care about an organization that doesn’t even try to interact with them.

VP Education

Megan Town
Team Vision

Hello friends! 

My name is Megan and I’m currently a 4B Chemical Engineering student. I’m running to be your next VP Education because I am passionate about advocacy and I believe I can make a difference in your student experience. My goal is to lead data-driven advocacy based on student priorities. One of my key platform points is to hold town halls all over our campuses to ensure that my team and I understand the diverse needs and priorities of our students. In conjunction with this, I also want to better communicate WUSA’s follow up actions from student feedback. Abbie and I are also passionate about mental health advocacy. We will address the root causes of mental health challenges on our campus such as the overwhelming workload students face.

You should vote for me because I have the experience and dedication to students which makes me an ideal candidate for the position of VP Education. Some of my previous roles include WUSA Councillor-Director, EngSoc Mental Health Commissioner and Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Representative. 

You can learn more about Team Vision’s platform and contact us at bit.ly/TeamVisionUW

VP Operations & Finance

Alana Guevara
Team Vision

Hey everyone! 

My name is Alana and I’m running to be your next VP Operations & Finance. I’m in 4A Economics and I, weirdly, love hospitality management and all things administrative. Anything that makes operations run smoothly and efficiently brings me joy. My team and I are passionate about ensuring that WUSA is doing the best we can to serve students at the University of Waterloo. Fiscal responsibility and development of student spaces will be my top priorities. 

Working at WUSA for the past 5 years has granted me intimate knowledge of WUSA’s processes and capabilities. I know this will prove useful, especially when working on the renovation of the Bomber space. In the 4 years I spent behind the host stand or bar, I witnessed the positive impact that such a space had on our community. I saw the friendships and loves; the stresses and tears of so many who found a place to belong, who left their worries at the door, or talked it through, over a drink and meal. I truly believe that somewhere like that needs to exist on this campus again, and I would be so happy to help make that a reality if I’m to be your next VP Operations & Finance.

You can learn more about Team Vision at bit.ly/TeamVisionUW


Stanley Wong
Team Hey Hey Hey

Hey hey hey, I am Stanley and I’m running for WUSA president. I am a 3rd year student and I enjoy watching and playing intramural basketball. Although I might be slightly inexperienced in student politics (FEDS/WUSA), this shows that I am not a typical presidential candidate. I can work hard every day and execute my duties, for the better of all the students.

In my platform, I will generally be working towards environmental sustainability throughout campus, especially the use of our resources. (A big problem may be the use of resources to print out all the course notes/textbooks). Also, there should be more plant-based food options on campus, and I will strongly vouch for that, as it is much more sustainable (and there are not too many options on campus right now).

My top-most priority will be accomplishing those goals stated above, whilst making other minor progress in environmental sustainability (such as disencouraging the use of disposable items).

We’re gonna work hard every day, lets get it going!

Abbe Simpson
Team Vision

What’s up Warriors! 

My name is Abbie and I’m in 4A Recreation and Leisure and Social Development Studies. I am running to be your next WUSA President. I realized that our student association plays a large role in student experience and campus culture when I ran for council in my first year. I am passionate about community development and hope to engage students through meaningful experiences and interfaculty collaboration. I have spent the last two months listening to students and hope to use this knowledge to launch WUSA’s Long Range Plan. Listening to students matters to us. That’s why our team is focused on creating an organization that serves all students with opportunities for more student engagement. 

One of my main priorities is pioneering sustainability initiatives within the Student Life Centre while ensuring campus initiatives are student driven. I believe I am the best candidate for the role due to my previous work with the Long Range Planning committee, WUSA council, Peer Health Education, Waterloo Orientation, and various positions on campus with key stakeholders – including the Office of the President. 

You can learn more about Team Vision at bit.ly/TeamVisionUW. Share your vision for WUSA with us and help shape our priorities! 

Kevin McGuire
Team Extinguish

As the sole member of Team Extinguish to survive the nomination process, I am honored to stand as candidate for the WUSA presidency. Here is my platform:

Sell the department of Environment to the highest bidder. Pour the funds into an autonomous bus design team – rendering GRT strikes a thing of the past.

Ban coughing to prevent the Coronavirus. Floggings will be administered to lawbreakers.

Rename WUSA – rebrand as Feds.

Disband Feds. Replace it with a feudal model. Faculty Barons and Earls will collect tuition from students directly, financing their own militarized versions of campus police to maintain order.

Make DC smell better, or demolish it altogether.

LRT barrel roll.

Mandatory and daily, gamer appreciation hour.

I would also like to emphasize the importance of my mentor, Jason Small. His contributions and continuing inspirations, constantly mark my career in student government. None of this would have been possible without his support and love. He’s very humble and won’t acknowledge this, but I hope I will make him proud.

With luck, I hope to be WUSA’s final president.


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