WUSA to open Indian street food outlet in fall 2023


Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA) is planning on opening multiple food outlets in the SLC near the patio exit on the first floor throughout fall 2023 to spring 2024.

The first of these will be Chaska, an Indian street food concept outlet, planned to open in the fall, with two more outlets to follow, details of which are to be decided.

According to a WUSA representative, “[Chaska] will also cater to many dietary needs including vegan, halal and vegetarian. This will be a quick-service vendor with an over-the-counter format, enabling faster and more convenient service for students.”

One of the possible outlets that WUSA is exploring is an ice cream concept, though exact details have not yet been decided. For the third outlet, a sushi place is one of the possibilities. However, since Flock Stop carries sushi from Wasabi Sushi, WUSA is also exploring alternative options.

The WUSA representative stated that the opening of these locations will also result in more on-campus job opportunities for students.