Your Finals Mood Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Whether you are digging through your personal agenda or trying to keep up with your friends/classmates, the whole vibe of finals season is exhausting (unless you’re a Virgo). But, as everyone vibes differently, here’s your finals’ mood based on your zodiac sign:


The Taurus in your life is your more practical and stable person this time of year; it is Taurus season after all! They know better than anybody that you can’t achieve anything remotely close to 100 per cent on your finals if you’re not feeling 100 per cent yourself. So, they are taking the lack of zoom meetings and weekly discussion boards to practice self-care: facemasks (the one that leaves your skin glowing), lo-fi beats, lighting a scented candle and maybe even eating a delicious shawarma are just some of the items on their ‘To-Do’ lists.

Fun fact: A Taurus is not holding me captive right now *blinks twice*


Make sure you check up on your Gemini friends, they are NOT okay. Being “adaptable” and “able to learn quickly” is code for they have succumbed to the stressful vibe this time of the term and are currently cramming information and energy drinks. Outstanding assignment deadlines, exam times, paying tuition for next term, it’s A LOT! Don’t be too hard on yourself, you got this!

 Fun fact: A Gemini carries those spontaneous breakout room discussions. That’s because they are the discussion and they are their own devil’s advocate and argue against themselves like a sociopath.


This is a very unpleasant time for the Cancer in your life, so please be patient with them. The whole idea of standardized testing and having an assignment that’s worth more than 15 per cent of their final grade isn’t their cup of tea. Add the stressor of a province-wide lockdown shutdown and they’re going to need more than espresso and eggs benedict for a “good morning.” A crabby bunch (pun intended).

 Fun fact: Every five seconds, a Cancer screams into a toilet bowl, filling it with their tears. 


Just because it’s studying it doesn’t have to be stuDYING! The Leo’s in your life are making studying a whole aesthetic. Colour-coded notes? Check. Spotify playlist updated with the most “main character turning their life around and putting in the work” montage music? Check. TikToks of their daily routine? You bet! Does any of this have to do with actually absorbing the course material and handing stuff in? Maybe not. But if you leave it to the last minute, it only takes a minute to do, am I right?

 Fun fact: Leos are already planning their celebration for “successfully” completing another year.


Finals season who? Every Virgo knows it’s all work no play, every day. If your Virgo friend has been M.I.A. it’s because they are running on demon time! Most people want to leave quarantine with glowing skin, or a fit body; Virgos want to emerge back on campus with all of that AND the highest GPA.  I mean, no in-person exams? Nowhere to go? Why not spend every waking moment preparing and researching to get grades that are golden? If you’re not doing that, what are you doing? 

 Fact (Because Virgos don’t have fun): A Virgo coined the saying “Cali or bust!”


Probably the most sane and healthy during this stressful time, your local Libra has it all down. Balancing school, work and mental wellbeing is their key for success. Sure, it’s not all smooth sailing, but that’s the way life goes! You would know — they’ve probably hit you up multiple times today for a study sesh, lunch break or to go for a jog; and you should totally join them! Libras know that this overwhelming stress is just a side effect of the season bound to change. They suggest you follow their mantra that’s written on the cat poster in their room: “Hang in there!” 

Fun fact: Libras make the dean’s list every term. 


If there is one person to keep close with you year round, it’s a Scorpio. Because they are a resourceful slew, they will hook you up with the juiciest tea from office hours, students who took the course already and the “sweet spot” time you can email the prof and get a quick reply. However, true friends ONLY; no trust for those who show up at the minute. Unless, you have something that they can use as leverage in the future (but we advise you don’t make loose-ended promises to Scorpios, like a scorpion they will sting you)  Like local Scorpio Aubrey Graham says, “No new friends!”

Fun fact: That quiet person who doesn’t say a word unless they need to and leaves as soon as the class ends is a Scorpio.  


There are two things every Sagittarius knows: knowledge is meant to be shared and true knowledge is found outside of the borders of a textbook or screen. You can hit a Sagittarius up and they will gladly lend you their study notes, help you get started on that assignment, give you feedback on your paper or presentation and send you directions to that isolated study spot with a view (they know A LOT because they get bored easily can’t stay put in one place for more than 30 minutes). Plus, they’ll throw in a funny meme or TikTok. But don’t get your hopes up if they made similar promises in the past; Sagittarius’ tend to bite off more than they can chew., Hey, Sagittarius just wants everyone to be on the same wavelength as them and get the work done to be done with it and do something cool and adventurous!

Fun fact: A Sag will leave class during the 15 minute break and simply never come back. 


Time is a grade, and there is none to waste during finals season! The day starts at 6 a.m. and ends as 11 p.m. (or however Capricorns choose to structure their day to allow for seven hours of sleep). Capricorns have created their study schedule well before the final Zoom meeting and now is the time to execute it. If you need some structure and discipline in your life, you can take a peek at the daily schedule of your Capricorn friends! Just don’t expect any encouragement from them, they are a super “Debbie Downer.” If vibe check was a course, they would fail.

Fun fact: The Teaching Assistant (TA) you hate is definitely a Capricorn.


Strong, independent, progressive and slaying this finals’ season. No, it does not bother them that their cell phone carrier had a country-wide power outage and they are totally OK with one of the members of their group assignment going ghost. Another lockdown, why is this trending? It’s fine. Don’t ask them again, and don’t point out they look like they haven’t slept in days and that there is a fry stuck in their hair. They know it’s there, it’s there for a reason. It’s. All. Fine. 

Fun fact: It may not be fine, they’re just saying that. Just a hunch. Aquarius’ find refuge in honing their creative side, so there’s nothing a paint night can’t fix!


Finals? The construct of an outdated system that is equally stressful for both students and the profs and TAs doing the marking, but no one wants to do anything about it? What a drag. If you’re looking for your Pisces friends they are probably doing a paint by numbers, blasting music, livestreaming on Twitch or escaping reality in some other way, shape or form. Who else is high af rn?

 Fun fact: Pisces are represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing the distinct difference between a February Pisces and a March Pisces. Do not mix these up when asking them to hang out! One will be ecstatic and honoured, the other will be crying because of how great of a friend you are. We’ll leave you to determine which one is which.


Even though Aries is embodied by the ram, we know Aries is not a Ryerson-type student. As a typical Aries, you got into UW in the first place due to your determination, enthusiasm and passion for being number one! You can find your Aries friend up before anyone else with a coffee nearby, and pages deep into their study notes. Just don’t distract them — if you do, they will probably punch you in the face and act like nothing happened.

 Fun fact: Aries don’t drink coffee for the caffeine, they just like the taste.


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