Your SLC Food Guide


Dear food lovers,


Looking for something to quiet the rumbling stomach noises? Instead of walking all the way to the plaza on University in the cold, SLC is just steps away with a bunch of healthy, delicious options to satisfy your cravings.  

Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons when deciding where to eat in SLC:


Tim Hortons

  • Pros:

    • Can get your daily dose of patriotism

    • Designated caffeine distributor

  • Cons:

    • Line gets RIDICULOUSLY long around peak eating times

    • So many Timmies on campus that you will probably get sick of that goddamn Tims sign, patriotism be damned

  • Price: Yay for snacks, nay for meals


International News

  • Pros:

    • Has a variety of foods ranging from sandwiches to chocolate bars

    • Open 24/7, perfect for those late night study sessions

  • Cons:

    • They once ran out of popcorn. I was about to watch a movie. It sucked.  

    • It’s not the first place I’d pick if I wanted to eat a sandwich – fresh? more like fresh out of the freezer.

  • Price: Compared to convenient stores outside of campus, it’s slightly more expensive, but it might be cheaper than the other stores in SLC



Pita Pit

Pizza Pizza

Booster Juice

Wild Olive Pasta Bar



  • Pros:

    • The Pizza Pizza pepperonis are delicious, slightly crunchy on the outside, and placed perfectly onto your slice

    • Wide variety of healthy options! Instead just a regular burger combo, you can have a nice pita

  • Cons:

    • You can easily spotting the basics instagramming their booster juice

    • You’ll get bored of ordering the same damn noodles from Wild Olive and Teriyaki

  • Price:

    • Hella expensive: Teriyaki and Pasta Bar cost around $8 for a meal that semi-fills you up

    • Subway costs about $1-2 more in SLC than outside


Campus Bubble

  • Pros:

    • You don’t have to walk all the way to Sweet Dreams for bubble tea

    • The tapioca is chewy

  • Cons:

    • Located right by the door, it’s hella cold

    • It’s all powdered, none of that real fruit stuff.

  • Price:

    • Pretty average for bubble tea and sushi-in-a-box




  • Pros:

    • They have gluten-free options

    • Use the #bombermenu and you could win $100!

  • Cons:

    • If you want to eat at Bomber on a Thursday, you better eat before 6 p.m.

    • Their spicy track fries AREN’T SPICY. that shit is deceiving.  

  • Price:

    • Reasonably priced


So as this *exhaustive* list shows, there’s a lot more to SLC food than  your typical “burgers and fries” (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Since you’re probably fated to be spending a lot of time in the SLC over your many years here, make sure to take advantage of the different food options while you can. Or you can just embrace the student lifestyle and get Mr. Noodle bowls from International News far too often. It’s your stomach, after all.



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