Zumba class takes up the cause of Think Pink


On Nov. 14 the 10th annual Warriors Think Pink campaign offered a free Zumba class at the Waterloo PAC gym.

Kristen Leal and Heather Kollmann put together a Zumba class to raise awareness of the breast cancer cause.

Kristen Leal is a group fitness and instructional coordinator offers classes at PAC. Heather Kollmann, a Zumba and group fitness instructor, also offers classes at PAC.

The Think Pink campaign is a one month fundraising program to support the breast cancer cause with the Canadian Cancer Society.

This includes a wide range of events such as the Warriors varsity games and recreational classes. These events are offered for all students, staff, faculty, sponsors, and community members.

The campaign goal for 2017 is $15,000. Jenny Mackay, marketing manager of Think Pink,  announced that they have unofficially raised more than $14,000 already in the campaign.

In the past nine years they have raised over $191,000; not including the fundraising from this year.

Around 24 individuals have shaved or cut their hair throughout two ceremonies, such as the Men’s Hockey intermission and Men’s Basketball half times.

Students can get involved by attending Think Pink events and purchasing t-shirts.

Online donations can also be made through their website, athletics.uwaterloo.ca.


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