Impressions #14

A toasty welcome to all the new Imprint volunteers

Across. 1. Geographic data management 6. Video game series in which one plays the Master Chief 8.  Swerve or zig-zag 10. Sacred bird commonly found on hieroglyphs 12. Toy...

Impressions #13

Imprint never takes me anywhere hot

Across 1. How a real charmer acts 5. Chinese stir-fry pot 6. Animated series about “Eds” (abbreviated) 8. Gala or formal 10. Eastern edible root 12. Instrument associated with Tiny...

Impressions #12

A little less complex dungeon, and a little more dragon!

Across 1. Town destroyed in the days of Abraham 4. To teach 8. Successor to the European Common Market 11. To surround with an army 14. Like Legend of...

Answers to Crosswords

Indigenous loan words are all around us

Across 1. American intelligence agency abroad 3. Cyllindrical beads strung together for storytelling purposes 6. “America’s First Department Store” 8. State of the Jazz  10. Chieftain in Mexico or...

Impressions #11

Impressions #10

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