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A take on abbreviations

Do you know what a STEM degree is?

It‰Ûªs not a popularity contest

Imprint's news editor presents her plan for the upcoming election.

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Letter to the Editor, January 9th.

Re: A man with no party, Oct. 31

In his letter, Brandon Love expresses that the effects of political parties and the modern system of government are “disastrous to society,” and advocates...

Re: Free Communication, Oct. 24

<em>Trigger warning: References to sexual assault, rape, and violence.</em> I have a love-hate relationship with OMGUW. Between the debates, throwaway insults and snarky comments, I&rsquo;ve...

A rebranding to remember

The New York Times recently ran a feature piece called &ldquo;In Colorado, a Rebranding of Pot Inc.&rdquo; The piece is about the co-founders of...

Lottery Politics: the shared values of Canada and Israel

If you bought a ticket, your odds of winning the latest Powerball lottery were one in 175 million. If you were a resident of...

RE: Ombuds Waterloo? Sept. 19

Student advocacy has been an issue high on the priority list for the Graduate Student Association (GSA) for the past few years. Our efforts...

Ombuds Waterloo?

The University of Waterloo does not have an ombudsperson! To me, that is more than a surprise; it is a shame! An ombudsperson (&ldquo;public advocate&rdquo;)...

Can’t buy me love

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