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Bravely Default: the Final Fantasy we deserve

Whether through nostalgia, or simply the different sensibilities of an older time, people like retro. Black and white films, throwback board games, and in the case of video games, the sensibilities of retro games are no different.

Micro files

Researchers have found a way to convert plastic bags to fuel, tiny injectable sponges may soon be used to stop heavy bleeding, and a new way of preserving pizza has been developed to allow it to be added to military meals.

Electrical engineering professor honoured for image quality research

UW Professor receives E.W.R Steacie Memorial Fellowship, which includes a $250,000 grant for over the next two years.

Federal government allocates $15 million towards IQC research

Canadian government continues to support UW’s IQC by donating $15 million over three years.

Living as an Octodad

Gaming columnist Edward Brown reviews the sequel to the indie hit Octodad, Octodad: Dadliest Catch.

Micro Files

Global warming is affecting the mortality rates of baby penguins, genetic testing may be used in selecting future Uzbek Olympians, and a company in UK has found a way to turn empty bottles in stylish lamps.

Waterloo grad mixing medicine and social entrepreneurship

St. Paul's Greenhouse recently hosted a screening of The Cola Road, a documentary following the efforts of the ColaLife organization to ship affordable medication to developing countries in empty Coca-Cola crates.

Climate change jeopardizing the Winter Games

Prof. Daniel Scott, Prof. Peter Johnson, and PhD student Michelle Rutty teamed up with Dr. Robert Steiger, of the Austrian Management Centre...


Hawking did not say black holes don’t exist You’ve probably read lots of headlines proclaiming “Stephen Hawking...

The Novelist

The latest subject of my attempt to cut down my backlog from the Steam Holiday sales is yet another indie game, <em>The Novelist</em>. You play...
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