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The retro Smash Bros. with arrows you need to be playing

In my trademark obsessive nature when it comes to gaming news, and particularly game trailers, I've been more or less playing the Smash Bros. Direct that just came out all week.

Entrepreneurship award highlights wearable technology

Six teams won $10,000 in funding at the first annual Norman Esch Entrepreneurship Awards for Capstone Design, held April 4.

South Park: The Stick of Truth – The best TV show you can play

Our gaming columnist reviews the recently release South Park game, South Park: The Stick of Truth

Young startups compete for VeloCity venture fund

Keeping with their mission to support startups at UW, Velocity held their termly Velocity Fund Finals, giving away three $1,000 awards and four $25,000 to startups.

Micro Files

An experimental anticancer compound has been found to reverse schizophrenia in mice, researchers question the quantity of water thought to be on the moon, and research out of MIT proposes an alternate theory on the cause of dinosaur extinction.

Practicality over performance

The Midnight Sun legacy, which began 25 years ago with a solar powered bike, is now taking a turn in a more "practical" direction, designing and building a solar car.

Micro Files

Researchers have found that a person's choice of pet can reveal one's personality, the inventor of web reveals names that were considered for it, and an Associated Press report discusses how an aircraft can disappear.

Entering your games: the virtual reality future

In this week's Giga Game Breaker, Ed discusses virtual reality and gaming.

How long must a game be?

These past few weeks have presented new games that share a particular quirk: <em>South Park: The Stick of Truth </em>and <em>Metal Gear Solid V:...

Energy drinks draining healthy teenagers

A recent study by researchers from the University of Waterloo and Dalhousie University found connections between teen energy drink consumption and mental health issues,...
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Tips to manage student debt

The expiry date was a lie!

Waterloo to Toronto in 20