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Meet your Feds 2016 VPIN Candidates

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Meet your Feds 2016 Presidential Candidates

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RESPONSE: What courses would you want to see at UW?

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Campus Questions- Would you take the ‘Beyonce course’?

A few weeks ago the University of Waterloo announced that a new course on Gender and Performance that would focus primarily on the pop artist Beyoncé. Imprint decided to ask students around campus if they would enrol. Would you take the 'Beyoncé course'?

Are you team iPhone or team Android?

In this week's Campus Questions, we ask students what type of smartphone they prefer to use.Are you team iPhone or team Android?

Does a person’s program affect their overall attractiveness?

Do you think a person's educational program affects their overall attraction? Imprint asks in this week's Campus Question.

King and Queen of the Netherlands visit Waterloo

On Thursday, May 28, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands visited the Quantum Nano Centre of the University of Waterloo for their three day state tour. The goal of the visit was to strengthen the bonds between their country and Canada in an academic and economic manner.
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