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Sweet, sweet diplomatic immunity

Our travel columnist looks at ways a new graduate that doesn't have a lot of cash can travel around the world.

Oh, the places you can go!

Travel columnist Jessica Needham provides two off-the-wall work ideas for you to consider after finishing your degree: Antarctica and various positions through CUSO International.

Talking dollars and cents

With her exchange quickly approaching, Jessica gives us some insight into how to pay for one’s travels, whether for school or for fun.

Five places you should visit as a Canadian

Travel columnist Jessica Needham provides readers with five important places for Canadians to visit before they die.

Celebrating Mardi Gras around the world

Travel columnist Jessica Needham looks at Mardi Gras events around the world and how they compare to New Orleans.

Five reasons to visit Niagara in the winter

Travel columnist Jessica Needham explores some of the many reasons to visit Niagara Falls in the winter instead of the summer.

Canadian Beer, Extra Ice Please

First of all, I hope you all aren't working too hard this reading week. It is far too short to spend locked up with homework as your sole companion, so be sure to do like I did and get outside!

Getting as far away from homework as physically possible —...

Travel columnist Jessica Needham talks all about Perth, Australia — the furthest place one can get from Waterloo.

Spring break… spring break… spring break forever

Okay, so quoting <em>Spring Break</em> was probably not a good idea. Going abroad to St. Petersburg, Florida to get arrested and rob crime lords...

The long way around

What do taking a bus and smuggling drugs across the border have in common? They both happened while taking the...