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What are your thoughts on spring term?

Imprint asks students their opinions and thoughts spending their spring term on campus.

Nudity in the Newspaper

In our first Campus Question of the term, Imprint shows students a risqué cover of ours from the nineties and asks what their opinions are on nudity being used in today's newspaper.

Nesting Season Advice

In this week of Campus Questions, we ask students their advice on how to survive the notorious Nesting Season.

What TV show are you currently watching?

In this edition of Campus Questions we ask students what shows they're currently watching.

Are You Sleeping Enough?

It's midterm season at UW! That means more studying and less sleep. In this edition of Campus Questions we ask students how many hours of sleep they've been getting.

Go-to spots on campus

This question is provided by Sydney Toole, who won our Campus Question contest! Congratulations Sydney!

Valentine’s day

In this edition of Campus Questions, Imprint asks students around campus about their plans for Valentine's Day.

MC comfy renovates

Imprint asked students around MC their opinions on the future renovations and replacement of couches happening in the building's comfy lounge.

Students speak on Feds election

We asked students on campus what they think is the most important issue for this upcoming Feds elections.