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A game of witchers

Sigh. It&rsquo;s been a damned good year for video games so far, at least in my opinion.</p> We have had both...

E3 is changing for the better

Like a gaming Christmas in June, yet another Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, has passed.

Konami: Burning all the bridges

In companies like these, drama is sure to attract attention, and the most dramatic story of the last month was the seeming self-destruction of the Japanese company Konami.

Bloodborne: A Virgin “Souls” Journey

Bloodborne is a darkly beautiful and difficult game

Hand of Fate: the Worth of a Gimmick

Meet The Dealer.

Remaking a Classic: Majora’s Mask

A Zelda game remade.

Three good mobile games

Three mobile games that are worth playing.

The concealed darkness of Majora’s Mask

The black sheep in Zelda.

Ode to Persona

Damn that Persona 5 trailer!

The most disappointing games of 2014

Ed Brown is disappointed.