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Destiny Deferred

Sigh. I&rsquo;m about to say a bunch of bad things about <em>Destiny,</em> a game that attempts to mix <em>World of Warcraft </em>MMO-style loot and...

PT: Playing Terror

While my week has been spent engrossed in way too much <em>Destiny</em>, I&rsquo;m still&nbsp; hesitant to voice an opinion on it. The reviews have...

Looking forward to fall 2014

This Fall 2014 seems like it will be a great one as far as gaming goes.

eSports rising

I'll admit that I am not a sports nut. I enjoy the Stanley Cup as much as the next Canadian, but I couldn't recall my favourite player or game or anything.

The worth of a valiant heart

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is Ubisoft's latest implementation of their UbiArt engine, which was previously used for well-received platforms Rayman Origins, Legends, and the artsy RPG Child of Light.

The Destiny of the shooter

E3 gave us a lot of hype for games, with Nintendo blowing it out if the park with their to-the-point event. But to avoid...

The big three at E3

So at the time of writing, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have had their big press events, and have left some interesting notions for the...

Nintendo vs. game journalism

We're currently in what we call a slow period of gaming news. The late winter releases have come out, and only a handful of games are being released between now and the fall. E3, the Christmas of gaming news, is less than a month away, meaning companies will be keeping their news secret in anticipation.

The retro Smash Bros. with arrows you need to be playing

In my trademark obsessive nature when it comes to gaming news, and particularly game trailers, I've been more or less playing the Smash Bros. Direct that just came out all week.

South Park: The Stick of Truth – The best TV show...

Our gaming columnist reviews the recently release South Park game, South Park: The Stick of Truth