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Entering your games: the virtual reality future

In this week's Giga Game Breaker, Ed discusses virtual reality and gaming.

How long must a game be?

These past few weeks have presented new games that share a particular quirk: <em>South Park: The Stick of Truth </em>and <em>Metal Gear Solid V:...

A tale of two control sticks

Edward Brown reviews "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons."

Four things I learned from Twitch Plays Pokemon

Columnist Ed Brown reviews Twitch Plays Pokemon

Enlisting in the Guild Wars

So over the winter break, between wolfing down gingerbread and lamenting the latest damage from the winter Steam sale, I picked up <em>Guild Wars...

Bravely Default: the Final Fantasy we deserve

Whether through nostalgia, or simply the different sensibilities of an older time, people like retro. Black and white films, throwback board games, and in the case of video games, the sensibilities of retro games are no different.

Living as an Octodad

Gaming columnist Edward Brown reviews the sequel to the indie hit Octodad, Octodad: Dadliest Catch.

The Novelist

The latest subject of my attempt to cut down my backlog from the Steam Holiday sales is yet another indie game, <em>The Novelist</em>. You play...

The sad case of David Cage

Movie directors such as George Lucas occupy that little space in the creative community where, while we know they possess...

The parable of Stanley

<em>T</em><em>he Stanley Parable </em>is a game I highly recommend to those who are studying, or interested in game design and/or storytelling. It&rsquo;s best experienced...