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A happy Thanksgiving indeed at the Bauer Kitchen

Dear readers,</p> Being an international student hailing from the Middle East, I had never really celebrated Thanksgiving until I arrived in...

Abe Erb: Where everybody could know your name

Lately, I&rsquo;ve been feeling extremely sentimental about my final year at UW. As students, we often get so caught up in the hustle and...

Proof: Treat yoself in a tiny oasis of class

Dear readers, As fall rolls around and the school term gets going, I often find myself experiencing...

Ricecream: Something familiar yet wildly different at the same time

Dear readers: this week&rsquo;s review was full of surprises. I didn&rsquo;t know what to expect from the moment I read about this &ldquo;Ricecream&rdquo; and...

Jerk chicken: Enough said

Food columnist Lenore Ramirez reviews the jerk chicken at Kitchener's Ellison's Bistro for her last column of the term.

Do you have a moment to talk about Cheeses (Murphy)?

This week, Lens on Food visits Cheeses Murphy sober and during the day in a culinary investigation into the finest purveyors of grilled cheese sandwiches in the KW area.

Friend or pho?

This week, Pho Dau Bo romances your local neighbourhood foodie with quality at a great price, and an assortment of tried-and-tested Pho, spring rolls, avocado, milkshakes, and some pretty amazing fried rice.

Harmony Lunch unpacked

The mysteries of Harmony Lunch in Uptown Waterloo are finally unraveled as our brave food reviewer and trusty companion venture into the pork burger-filled unknown.

Shaken, but not stirred by Jane Bond

Atmosphere, environment, and lack of truly dynamite flavours leaves food reviewer Lenore Ramirez wanting a bit more from vegetarian restaurant Jane Bond in uptown Waterloo.

Lobster poutine though…

This week, food columnist Lenore Ramirez gets overly excited about a potato and seafood-based meal, as Imbibe attempts to stand out from the pack with alluring experimental dishes and craft beer.