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Still waiting for Kanye West: Hollywood

After the Flappy Bird and 2048 crazes, I've come to accept that I have no resistance whatsoever to app-related peer pressure, which is how, against all odds, I found myself downloading a Kim Kardashian game onto my phone this week.

So long, thanks for all the hits

Like everyone else, I have a love-hate relationship with pop culture. There are always good and bad things in every generation of pop culture,...

Persistence is futile

I&rsquo;m probably encroaching on <em>Giga Game Breaker</em> territory with this one, but I&rsquo;m a bad boy so I&rsquo;m going to do it anyways. So for...

Snape is Dumbledore’s father

An analysis on the intricacies of spoilers.

The worst people you’ll ever have the good fortune of knowing

Do you follow someone online that you would never follow in real life? They're called "schadenfriends" and they have a purpose.

The buzz on Buzzfeed

I should start with a disclaimer that I don&rsquo;t regularly use BuzzFeed. It&rsquo;s always struck me as the Internet equivalent of a magazine targeted...

Spread my wings and flap away

I think we can all agree that Flappy Bird is completely out of control. There are just so many people playing it and talking about it; I don’t even remember people being this excited about Angry Birds...

Rejected Valentine’s Day poems

Matt writes poems.

Half-time is half-baked

I don't really watch the Super Bowl. To me, the only thing more boring than watching people play sports is hearing people...

Coming to a bargain bin near you

One of Hollywood&rsquo;s favourite pastimes is bastardizing well-known books, because movie execs hate you and everything you love. The most recent offender is <em>I,...