Graduating in retirement

After 23 years as a student, Christine French is now graduating. Enrolling in her early forties, French began her... Read More »

From Waterloo to Toronto in 20 minutes

Wrongfully accused

Fort McMurray fire leaves co-op students jobless

Liberals introduce bill to protect transgender rights

University of Waterloo under construction

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Now You See Me 2 review- keeping the magic alive

There goes another movie sequel. Now You See Me 2 is at least the tenth sequel or additional movie in a franchise tha... Read More »

Understanding refugees through art

Designing happily Ever After

This Could Be The Place series returns art to the arts quad

Promoting pulses with potluck

KW Salseros heat up the Montreal Salsa Convention

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The best of E3 2016

E3 2016 has come and gone. For all the cynicism and negativity surrounding the current direction for the industry, E3 is always a fun week full of surprising reveals, hilarious ... Read More »

The worst of E3 2016

Digitizing the diagnostic process

Tie fighter down (or EA doesn't give a fuck about Star Wars and why should you)

Getting to know your geese

I, for one, welcome our new bot overlords

Lights, Camera, Failure

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Finding respect at Finding Dory

Finding Dory, the highly anticipated sequel to Finding Nemo 10 years in the making, premiered June 17. The title is m... Read More »

Because there is no reason not to

My opinion on opinions

The Waterloo housing bubble

Official statement from Opt-In UWaterloo on general meeting

What’s your pronoun?

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Women’s hockey ready to breakaway next season

While certainly not as exciting, the off-season is a key time for coaches and their athletes to prepare for the campa... Read More »

The flexible dieting fad

Raising the bar for KW eSports

A shot well worth your while

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Meet your Feds 2016 VPED Candidates

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Meet your Feds 2016 Presidential Candidates

Meet your Feds 2016 VPIN Candidates

Get to know your Feds 2016 Candidates in 15 questions

Meet your Feds 2016 VPOF Candidates

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