2024 eclipse: what to do with your solar glasses


Now that the eclipse has come and gone, many people might be wondering what to do with those special solar glasses from yesterday. Read on for information about how to properly dispose of them, as well as some creative ways you can reuse them in the future.

Planning to view another eclipse sometime soon? As long as your glasses are without scratches, tears, or punctures, they can be reused indefinitely. The next solar eclipse (which will be only partially visible in North America) will occur on August 12, 2026. Northern Canada will experience totality in 2033, and Northeastern BC and Alberta will have to wait until 2044.

If your solar glasses are scratched or damaged, you can recycle them. According to the University of Rochester, the arms of solar glasses (provided they are cardboard) can be recycled, as long as the lenses are thrown out first.

You can also donate your glasses to be used in future eclipses. The organization Astronomers Without Borders collects gently used glasses from Canada and the United States and redistributes them to countries around the world. Glasses can also be mailed to the PO box of Eclipse Glasses USA, an organization that donates glasses to children in Latin America. These will be used for an upcoming eclipse in October, which will pass over parts of South America.

More information about future eclipses can be found on NASA’s website.