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We are Imprint, the University of Waterloo’s official student-run magazine. From our humble origins as The Chevron in 1966, to our current-day stint as a monthly magazine, we strive to bring you the best and most interesting stories happening on campus in our print issues, along with daily online news coverage on our website. Our goal is to provide students with opportunities to amplify their voices and stories through writing, photography, graphic design, and more. Imprint is a highly collaborative and active work environment where you can build transferable skills beyond the scope of your academic program with a tangible end product to match, in a workplace with a unique openness to ideas because at the end of the day, we’re all students looking to amplify the voices of other students. A regular day at Imprint can include a morning discussion about local news for the website, which will somehow lead into a tangent advocating the superiority of limes from Latin America, followed by a round of actual work where you can ask others in the office how this headline reads, or if that spacing in the layout looks weird. That is the collaboration that makes Imprint, Imprint — whether that’s in terms of our work flow or our social habits. If that kind of teamwork and end goal is at all interesting to you, there’s no better place to work than at Imprint.

Eduardo Matzumiya – Copy Editor

Imprint has become a major part of my life over the years. As a biochemistry student, the Imprint office has practically become my second home — a small space where I can leave the science rat race behind for a bit and join in on the ongoing office debates ranging from the moral implications of American imperialism in the Middle East to the merits (or lack thereof) of lettuce. I had the chance to talk to tons of amazing people, met some of my closest friends, and learned a thing or two about journalism and helping people communicate their ideas in the most effective way possible.

Andrew Yang – Video Editor

Working at Imprint has allowed me to explore the stories that surround us here at Waterloo firsthand that I wouldn’t be able to elsewhere. Being able to bounce ideas off the amazing team here has helped improve my skills as a writer, producer, and videographer that has been beneficial to my other work outside Imprint.

Jia Chen – Head Designer

Being part of the creative team at Imprint, I get to meet and work with many passionate designers and writers. For the past three years, I was able to get familiar with Adobe software and improve my layout design skills by learning from other students.

Sharanya Karkera – Artistic Director

I remember walking into the Imprint office on my first day on campus, red-faced and lost (literally and figuratively) and completely in awe of the first actual newsroom I’d stepped into. As an aspiring journalist, not even five minutes in and I had decided this office was where I wanted to be till I graduated. With two terms to go, I can say for certain that it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Throughout the last four years, I’ve grown from a reporter to the arts and life editor, and then discovered an affinity for design, becoming the head designer and then the artistic director. It’s been a cathartic journey of struggle, frustration, friendships, love, and joy, but most of all, pride.

Whether you’re an aspiring writer or a designer, whether it’s just a hobby or something new you want to try, I can promise you Imprint is the place to develop, engage, and learn. There’s fewer decisions better than joining this team.

Nadia Khan – Staff Writer

As a lover of all things art, I have covered gallery exhibits, reviewed movies, and written profiles on local creatives — and if you work at Imprint, you, too, can write about what matters to you (and get paid for it!).

Many of my closest friendships and relationships at UW have formed from my time spent at Imprint. After a long day of classes, I always look forward to coming to the office, and anyone who knows me knows that I basically lived here during winter term.

Still not convinced you should join? If you write for us, we have a TV you can watch on the job (though you didn’t hear it from me).