The season of falling down

With fall here, the weather has become colder and motivation has dropped to next to nothing. Which is sad, since it is also the time where the most amount of work is thrown at us. So, how can we &mdash; a group of tired human beings &mdash; get through these lovely times?</p>

The best thing to do during this season is take care of your health. As an exhausted person, you don’t want to become more tired. So dress warmly. Wear hats, scarves, and gloves, or at least keep them in your bag in case the weather forces you to wear them. Eating healthy is also a good idea. Don’t just eat snacks all day since they aren’t the best meal.  Instead, eat a meal in the morning since good way to gain energy. You should also drink something other than caffeine and soft drinks. Remember, your body is made of 75 per cent water, not caffeine and sugar. It’s also a good idea to get some rest every now and then, especially if you’re spending all night cramming for a test. I believe there are studies that link sleep to health, but how would I know?

Even though motivation is sinking to the ground, we still have classes, assignments, and homework we must worry about. Since you are most likely an adult, it is up to you to decide whether or not classes are worth going to. Just note that you probably have tests and your readings may or may not be enough to get you an average grade. You should also remember when all your assignments are due so you aren’t doing things last minute. Write them down in an agenda, or on a sticky note and stick it somewhere visible — where you stick it is none of my business. It’s always good to be productive instead of sitting at home watching TV all day.

Although this is the season of fall, it is not the season of failing. It is always nice to be in a good mood and persevere. 


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