Circle of online communities

The Internet fascinates me. It&rsquo;s both a sanctuary and a war zone &mdash; a place where some people can feel safe behind the wall of anonymity, and where other people use that wall to grab pitchforks and start picking fights. Yet, it still allows room for people to come together and create something new.</p>

The part of online communities that I have the most problem with is fandoms. As much as I love discussing my favourite TV shows, animes, and video games, I sometimes find the communities to be toxic. Though it’s nice to be part of a group of people who like the same things you like, I’m not a fan of all the boiling heat when everyone starts ganging up on one person because they drew a character too skinny. And there are more problems out there, such as threats and harassment, but I really want to talk about what is good in this world.

You see, there is the part of the Internet that comes together to do great things. Teamwork on the Internet is probably one of the most interesting topics to look at when it comes to online communities. People can come together and do interesting things such as play Pokémon or Dark Souls through Twitch. Despite forums being filled with trolls and cynics, there are people who are genuinely willing to help others and be inclusive. They can come together to help people who are being harassed online Even people create video game marathon fundraisers with donations that come from the online community. Within the hatred, it’s nice to see people who are willing nice and helpful.

In the end, I really love being a member of the online community. Though we can’t remove all hate and rage in this land, we have to be vigilant and critical about the way things are done in hopes for change.


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