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Measles at UW

Community Editorial regarding Measles at UW.

Federation lost

The recent general meeting of the Federation of Students on Monday, March 24, 2014 was an absolute travesty that resulted in exposing the democratic process as a sham.

A risky move

Aliya reflects after a month of moving in with her boyfriend.

Committing to improve student well-being

According to the Feds elections exit survey, student well-being is the second highest concern for students, surpassed only by tuition fees. As well, data...

Kyle Stewart and the spirit of Waterloo

“Where is the school spirit in Waterloo?” This is a question I hear so often among classmates here at the University of Waterloo and it’s...

Perspective from an atheist

Community editorial from 2B Honours Science Emma Koivu.

Not-so-social media

Aliya Kanani advises you to make good choices on social media.

Re: Fair Elections Act is not fair to university students, Feb. 14

Dear editor: I would like to take this opportunity to respond to a number of points that Ms. Balasubramaniam made in her recent letter, and...

Don’t fence in my campus

I’m writing in response to an idea of the Ring Road safety committee — to fence in the east side of campus to make...
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