Imprint never takes me anywhere hot

By: Joshua Goldschmidt


1. How a real charmer acts

5. Chinese stir-fry pot

6. Animated series about “Eds” (abbreviated)

8. Gala or formal

10. Eastern edible root

12. Instrument associated with Tiny Tim

14. God of the Philistines (Judges 16:23)

15. Including Odin, Thor, and Baldr

16. First of the Four Roman Emperors in 69 C.E.

18. The process of becoming older

20. A cloak or robe

21. Prefix for China or Chinese

23. A food hall for soldiers or sailors

24. Scottish philosopher of A Treatise of Human Nature

25. Penn, of Harold & Kumar fame

26. A fleet of warships


1. Rejection or indifference of religious systems

2. Investigating mal-administration on behalf of the public

3. A message transmitted by telegraph

4. Martin Solveig and Dragonette’s 2010 break-out hit

5. Like water?

7. Australian bird, well known for its laugh

9. The southern-most peninsula in Asia, M____

11. Still conscious, but unable to feel pain

13. One who studied electronics,mechatronics, software, or management 

17. Do you want ____? Because that’s how you get ____! Archer (2009)

19. Radiation catalyst for the Fantastic Four

22. League of the Hamilton Bulldogs and Guelph storm


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