As the first year at the University of Waterloo comes to a close, I wanted to share some thoughts with my fellow students. I wanted to share a vision for the future, something I hope we can all keep in mind as we pursue further education. I know that right now, our college is rather small, especially compared to our mother school, Wilfrid Laurier University. But as we grow, I think we can make the University of Waterloo into something really special.

When I look around campus today, I don’t see what UW is right now. I see what it can be.

I see a community renowned for its school spirit, where brothers and sisters from all faculties have formed a happy, healthy whole. A university with the best to offer in both academics and athletics. A university with students that are just as cheerful and beautiful as our friends down the road at Laurier, and who always get invited to the cool cats’ parties.

And I know that if we work together and join our hands and hearts of gold (and black, ha!), we can make this vision a reality before you know it.

If there’s one thing that’s for certain, it’s that your beloved newsletter, the Daily Honker will be here through the ages to chronicle all of it for decades and decades to come — it’ll be a cold day in hell before journalism falls out of fashion. So with that said, enjoy, dear readers!

John Johnson

Managing Honker


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