Satellite Campus 101: Cambridge


Welcome to the UW architecture campus here in Galt! The university’s architecture hub is filled with great study spots, cheap eats, and places to relax. While the campus is relatively small compared to the main campus, it still offers plenty of resources for architecture students.

Campus tips

One of the biggest on-campus resources is the ACM, a store on the second floor of the school which provides modelling materials like foam, cardboard, and wood, as well as other services like plotting. Also on the second floor is the photo studio, which has a bookable space where you can take photos of physical models in a more professional setting. The first floor of the building houses other resources like a woodshop and a digital fabrication lab. If you’re looking for a change of scenery but still want to get some work done, there is the Idea Exchange at the old post office, which offers laser cutting and 3D printing resources in their maker space.

On campus, there are also some great places to study both indoors and out. The Musagetes Library has seating available along its perimeter and is a great resource for specifics like architecture periodicals. Need a spot to work with a group? The library has tables and a private study room with a couch available for booking (which you won’t find at Dana Porter). Library full? No problem, Galt has a nice public library just a three-minute walk from the architecture building. If you want to stay on campus, there are plenty of spots to study, such as the Grande Café right by the waterfront on Melville Street South and Main Street, as well as benches along the paved trails and around the war monuments on Main Street. If you need a break, grab a friend and play pool or foosball near the main lobby, which also has a piano available for students. Need to study outside on a beautiful sunny day? The building is located right next to the Grand River and an architecture park that has cool sculptures and benches to relax in.

If you’re studying late, the school also offers taxi services until midnight.

Cambridge eats

Need some cheap eats? Galt has plenty of good food and the architecture building is right near the downtown main street. My personal cheap favourites around are Papou’s Place for the best subs in town, Latinoamerica Unida for some killer tacos, and Tomita Sushi. If you’re not feeling the local restaurants, Galt also has plenty of chains nearby, such as Subway and Domino’s.

Activities in Cambridge

Finally, there are plenty of trails, cafes, and conservation areas nearby if you ever need a chill study break. Shade’s Mills Conservation Area has a beautiful beach for a $7 admission fee. If you need a little fun, Family Fun Center is on 10 Park Hill Road East and is relatively cheap, where you can pay $5 a game or $30 an hour! If you and your friends’ type of break includes alcohol or a dance floor, check out Cactus Jaxx which has a good bar and great music! Galt, though quaint, has plenty to offer to the UW community.

The architecture campus has plenty of awesome resources for your assignments and classes in its main building. If you enjoy a small, niche, and focused community within a larger university  community, you’ll feel right at home on the Cambridge campus.