Home Distractions


Mid-terms, mid problems.

Across 1. Coral-based ecosystems in shallow waters 5. To morally or spiritually uplift 8. Contract work, often unpaid or co-op 9. Faculty of ___ & Leisure 11. Prickles on...

Impressions #6

Crossword for all you cultural plebians

Across 1. Space for relaxation and rejuvenation 4. Mixture used on roads and paths 8. Nobel-level medal for Mathematicians 9. Rock with a healthy amount of valuable material 11....

Impressions #5

To those who never trick or treated

Across 1. Statics or chance 5. Dance made famous by Fortnite 8. Frankfurter 9. Molten rock 10. Texan battle site of 1836 11. Liam Neeson film franchise 12. Sound of a...
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